Who i am and what i´m doing here?


Hello there, so you are new to my blog? Get your first look here and don´t know what it is about?
Okay, then I will give you some words about this blog and myself.

My name is Nikolai.
I am 22 years old and live in germany, where i am a trainee in an it-department.

But what has this to do with Photography?

The time after work is the time where is start to work on my hobbies.
And one of this hobbies is photography and it is a big one.
Most of my pictures are landscapes and some streetphotography and portraits.

Since i´m a person who get into things like 100% from the beginning, i want to learn as much as possible.
And i love to give my knowledge to other people. So you are able to receive awesome informations, because i practice them.

My Blog:

I want to upload a new article every wednesday.
This means that you get my articles weekly.
And I start to think about take and give some “photography challanges” where I give a themen and show the best pictures of this topic,

So, if you are intrested in photography you should really check out my articles!

I hope you have fun here!


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