slow shutter speed

If you want to use slow shutter speed, you will get movement into your picture.
Always keep that in mind. This is really helpful for example if you want to shoot a river or the sea.

You also want to carry a Tripod with you, when you use slow shutter speed, because you cant be steady within 30 seconds.
If you dont use one, your photo will get shaky and get an ugly look.


Think about them. You can give your picture another look if you get a nice foregorund.
You could for example shoot through some flowers and set the focus more in the back.
The flowers will give your picture a dreamy look and people will start to complement your work.

Also thinking about your picture is always a good idea. Check my other Tips to get more into this theme.

keep an eye on details

Dont try to get everything in focus. You want have some parts of the image sharper then the rest.
That will lead your viewers interest directly to the point of the picture, that you wanted to show.

Also if you get too much details in your picture it can be an overload for your viewer.
Nearly the same goes for no details, it will make your pictures not intresting.
Try to find a good balance.

But as always there are some exception where you need the extra details.

blue and golden hour

You can find like hundreds of websites, that can show you the time, when the blue or the golden hour appears.
If you shoot in this time you will get a very speacial lightning for your pictures.
The light in the golden hour will be nice and softly, while the blue hour gives your picture a blueish look.

Try to get up early, because also shots in the dawn can get an amazing light and awesome colors.
It will give your pictures a completly new view.


These are my 4 Tips for Landscape photography if you know more, let me know in the comment section!