Tips for travel pictures



Before you start your exciting, unknown journey, make sure, that you dont throw your hole gear in your travelbag.
If you go through the thoughest jungle or the heighest montain, you don´t want to carry that lot of gear with you.
I swear you back will hurt after a few hours of walking.
Make sure, that you know what you want to shoot and what could be helpful for this journey!

Except for your gear you need to carry some food and something to drink.

Keep that in mind, when you start your trip!


First things first: There is no perfect lense for travel photography!
It depends on what you are about to shoot. Do you want to shoot humans? Or are you the landscape guy?
(Here are some tips for landscape photography!)

I recommend to carry something like a 18-200mm or 28 – 300mm lense, so if there is something intresting with a distance between you and the object, you can still get an awesome picture.
But don´t be the akward guy from the other side of the street, taking pictures of other people!

Get up early:

If you have read my article about landscape photography you know, that the best light is early in the morning.
Your pictures will get a soft, golden, dreamy look.
People want to be there where you took this awesome picture with this amazing light.
So when you want to give your pictures this special touch, you want to catch the first “sunbeams”.

Also you can get awesome pictures of a beautiful sunrise!

Know the area:

It´s more like: do some research before you visit your vacation spot.
This will give you some more details on where you can find the best spots and what it is about.
But be careful! You don´t take the same pictures like everybody else does!
Think a bit outside of the box to give your follower and those people who like your stuff, new and never seen stuff.
This will bring you to the next level as a photographer!

Take you time:

Okay, okay. This should be sure, but i need to say this:

Don´t run around and take 1000 pictures without think about it and catch a special moment!
You want to make sure, that you have a nice composition in your pictures!
You want the right light and show the right feelings.
Dont rush through your vacation and start to enjoy them.
Your photos will instantly get better, when you take your time and don´t be in stress!


So this where my tips for travel pictures.
If you have some more, let me know in the comment section!29