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The NEW Canon EOS M10 Overview

Canon EOS M10 Overview

So today i wanted to tell you some things about the Canon EOS M10!

The  Canon EOS M10 is a mirrorless camera just like the sony alpha, but it is probably the BESt low budget mirrorless camera on the market.
Let me explain that to you guys!

Technical stuff:

  • 17.9 Megapixel
  • 5.184 x 3.456 pixel
  • XMOS Sensor, 22, 3×14,9mm
  • 4,6 frmes per Sekond
  • video: 1920 x 1080 pixel with 30fps
  • video 720p with 60fps


The  Canon EOS M10 is a low weight camera mostly out of plastic.
On the top you find a trigger for both foto and video!

Also there is a dial for the apeture.

The M10 has an 3″ LCD display which is aple to rotate for 180° so you have the ability to catch some great selfies!
You can use all lenses with anf EF-M bayonet such like the included in the kit set.

The camera shoots 4,6 frames per second in JPEG which is even more that the M3 (4,3 frames per second)

Touch Panel

Yes you are right! The  Canon EOS M10 has a integratet touch panel, what allows you to set the focus manually!

Also it gives you the ability to change various settings like the apeture through the display!

The menu is nothing new campared to other canon cameras.

You are also able to take a picutre with the touch panel right after you set the focus right! That is incredibly insane!


The canon M10 goes some step backwards when you look on the megapixel of the camera (The m3 was already at 24mp)

The picture quality ist still awesome, when the light is good…

When you photograph at higher ISO you get some grain in your pictures. but this appears after 1.600 ISO…

Also there are just a few lenses for this camera and canon needs to work on that!
But you are able to use an adapter in case you want to use other canon lenses.

The  Canon EOS M10 is a low budget and low wight beginner camera.
That is what the camera is working perfect for!

So if you start and search for a low budget camera for around 300€ and you dont need a viewfinder than this camera is perfect for
This was my canon eos m10 overview!

I hope you enjoyed it and come back next time!

See you guys soon!


All links are in a partnership for amazon and i get paid if you buy through theses links.
For you there will be no higher costs!

4 Tips for Night Photography

Night Photography tips


I think the most important Gear is the Tripod. Because you shoot with long exposure time, as we can see a few steps later.
As you know i´m a big fan of tripods! Because they help you so much to get a steady great shot.
Perfect for long exposure, because it is steady and gives you the opportunity to get any angle you think is perfect for your picture.


Do I really need to explain this?
Raw gives you great flexibility when it comes to edit the picture. It will be so much easier to change the temperature or the exposure to darken or brighten your image!

Long exposure:

There we go:
When it is dark and I mean dark like completly full black. You need to choose a long exposure. Your camera will catch even the smallest light and your picture will get brighter and sharper!
You get great images without crazy post process. You colours will get so much smoother.
Compare a shot with short and long exposure and you will see the crazy difference!
Also by using long exposure you can take your picture with lower ISO what reduce the grain in your picture.

Know the Area:

Except from the danger from an unknown dark area, you want to know what you are shooting.
In dark situations you dont have the abbility to see what will be in your picture and how it look like when you shoot it.

I recommend to check the area through the golden hour, you know we love it, to get the beauty of your spot.


These were my 4 night photography tips that you should know before you take your awesome pictures!

Sorry for this short one this week.
I´m very busy at this moment. Next week I will write an awesome article! 100% guaranteed!

Also I would like to know if you are intrested in photo edit tutorials.
Let me know youe opinion in the comment section!


5 Tips for Travel pictures

Tips for travel pictures



Before you start your exciting, unknown journey, make sure, that you dont throw your hole gear in your travelbag.
If you go through the thoughest jungle or the heighest montain, you don´t want to carry that lot of gear with you.
I swear you back will hurt after a few hours of walking.
Make sure, that you know what you want to shoot and what could be helpful for this journey!

Except for your gear you need to carry some food and something to drink.

Keep that in mind, when you start your trip!


First things first: There is no perfect lense for travel photography!
It depends on what you are about to shoot. Do you want to shoot humans? Or are you the landscape guy?
(Here are some tips for landscape photography!)

I recommend to carry something like a 18-200mm or 28 – 300mm lense, so if there is something intresting with a distance between you and the object, you can still get an awesome picture.
But don´t be the akward guy from the other side of the street, taking pictures of other people!

Get up early:

If you have read my article about landscape photography you know, that the best light is early in the morning.
Your pictures will get a soft, golden, dreamy look.
People want to be there where you took this awesome picture with this amazing light.
So when you want to give your pictures this special touch, you want to catch the first “sunbeams”.

Also you can get awesome pictures of a beautiful sunrise!

Know the area:

It´s more like: do some research before you visit your vacation spot.
This will give you some more details on where you can find the best spots and what it is about.
But be careful! You don´t take the same pictures like everybody else does!
Think a bit outside of the box to give your follower and those people who like your stuff, new and never seen stuff.
This will bring you to the next level as a photographer!

Take you time:

Okay, okay. This should be sure, but i need to say this:

Don´t run around and take 1000 pictures without think about it and catch a special moment!
You want to make sure, that you have a nice composition in your pictures!
You want the right light and show the right feelings.
Dont rush through your vacation and start to enjoy them.
Your photos will instantly get better, when you take your time and don´t be in stress!


So this where my tips for travel pictures.
If you have some more, let me know in the comment section!29

nikon d3100 experience – What i´ve learned

My Nikon D3100 experience

So I already have the Nikon D3100 for nearly 3 and a half year now. I shot thousands of photos in that time. Today I want to show you my Nikon D3100 experience.

I bought the Nikon D3100 kitnikon d3100 experience
version with the 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses for round about 400€.
Just as a small indication for the price, but we will deeper in that theme later.

Nikon D3100 nikon d3100 experience technical specifications

  • 14,8 Megapixel
  • ISO 100 to 3200
  • 11 AF points
  • Full HD videos (1920×1080) at 24fps
  • HD videos (1280×720) at 30fps
  • 3″ Screen
  • Live view mode
  • SHutter Speed 1/40000 to 30s
  • single frame, continous, self-timer, quiet shutter release
  • Weight 505g

What do you want to do?


So this is the strong part of the Nikon D3100.
Because of the weight and the size the Nikon D3100 is perfect for traveling. It doesnt need a lot of space in your Backpack.

The camera has a very easy handling, but it is very different to for example canon cameras as you can see in the menue.
But after a couple of times you used it you know this camera as if you used it for months.
The best addition on this camera compared to previous versions is the Live View mode, with the red button that start recording. It gives you a direct preview on your pricture. That makes it easy to use also when you are in positions where it is hard to get a view threw the viewfinder.

If you want to shoot a picutre late at night and want to use a high ISO it will add a lot of grain that will show up in your picture. So it is definitely a camera that need good lightning.



Personally I dont recommend to use the Nikon D3100 for video only.
It can shoot videos in a maximum of 30 fps at 720p which is solid, but not recommended if you start videography today. It is not able to shoot at 60fps what makes slow-mo pretty shaky.

But for the time I bought it the Nikon D3100 was the first Nikon DLSR that offers 1920×1080 movie recording, but only up to ten minutes.
The video part is a nice feature that is nice to have if you have your small entry dslr on vacation and want to film a few moments without slow-mo and awesome  editing.


I paid around 400€ for the Nikon D3100 Kit with the 18-55mm and 55-200mm. That is a very low price for the options you get with this camera. It is perfect for beginners with a low budget.

These days you pay around 250€ for the Nikon D3100 Kit with the 18-55mm lense what is great if you want to start with photography.


The Nikon D3100 was for me the perfect entry DSLR because i mostly wanted to shoot nice pictures with an awesome sunset.
Easy handling, nice features, low weight and the great kit lenses are the reasons why it was perfect 3 and a half years ago.
But now when I start to get more intrested in low light and street photography and videography becomes a bigger topic for me, I start to reach the end of the possibilities of the Nikon D3100.

That was my Nikon D3100 experience! Did you already use this camera? Feel free to share your opinion about it.

Street photography tips -how you get started

Street photography tips

Get comfortable with:

So the point of street photography is that you have to go somewhere, where people walk by.
I know many people who feeling akward, when they point the camera on people that they dont know.
Always keep in mind, that you dont want to be that creepy person that points a camera with
a 400mm lense on people.
If you want to shoot strangers then try to first speak with them. Do a bit of small talk, so you both feel comfortable when you take the shot.
Dont just rush in and take a suprise snap! That´s not hot it works!


What Gear do i need?

Basically this is pretty easy. You can use, what ever you want and what you have.
If you have a nice DSLR with an awesome 50mm lense, perfect. If not it is also good.
I take my pictures with my Nikon D3100. If you want to know how i think about this camera, check my post about: here!
You dont need much to get awesome pictures. You Smartphone would also work perfect.
I got some friends, that shoots amazing pictures with an IPhone, so also check that out!


If you searching for street photography, you will notice, that many pictures are in black and white.
And most times, they look amazing, because the black and white gives you a certan feeling.
But there are many situations, where the color rules your feeling.
So don´t be shy and try to catch those awesome colors, that you see, when you walk through a street full of lights, people, shops and anything else.
You will see, that your pictures look more happy, it gives them more depth.
If you are an instagramer, keep in mind, that it your profile should be “ruled” by a certain color look.
This will make you speacial.

If you want to read more tips for instagram check my 5 Awesome tips for Instagram


These are my 3 street photography tips, I hope that you can use them.
If you know any other tips, let me know in the comment section below.
Keep Creating!

4 Tips for Landscape photography

slow shutter speed

If you want to use slow shutter speed, you will get movement into your picture.
Always keep that in mind. This is really helpful for example if you want to shoot a river or the sea.

You also want to carry a Tripod with you, when you use slow shutter speed, because you cant be steady within 30 seconds.
If you dont use one, your photo will get shaky and get an ugly look.


Think about them. You can give your picture another look if you get a nice foregorund.
You could for example shoot through some flowers and set the focus more in the back.
The flowers will give your picture a dreamy look and people will start to complement your work.

Also thinking about your picture is always a good idea. Check my other Tips to get more into this theme.

keep an eye on details

Dont try to get everything in focus. You want have some parts of the image sharper then the rest.
That will lead your viewers interest directly to the point of the picture, that you wanted to show.

Also if you get too much details in your picture it can be an overload for your viewer.
Nearly the same goes for no details, it will make your pictures not intresting.
Try to find a good balance.

But as always there are some exception where you need the extra details.

blue and golden hour

You can find like hundreds of websites, that can show you the time, when the blue or the golden hour appears.
If you shoot in this time you will get a very speacial lightning for your pictures.
The light in the golden hour will be nice and softly, while the blue hour gives your picture a blueish look.

Try to get up early, because also shots in the dawn can get an amazing light and awesome colors.
It will give your pictures a completly new view.


These are my 4 Tips for Landscape photography if you know more, let me know in the comment section!

GoPro Hero 4 Session Review

GoPro Hero 4 Session

About half a year ago i had the chance to test the GoPro Hero 4 Session.
Today I want to share my experience about the smallest GoPro with you.

Design and Features

The GoPro HERO Session GoPro Hero 4 Session comes with a newer form factor.
It still has the boxy form, but it is smaller and without a integrated display.
That made the GoPro Hero 4 Session compatible with your backpack or even your pocket, because it is so small, that it will fit in every back no matter how much space is left.

It has a small monochrome LCD display on top that shows the shooting mode and your battery life.
You need to know, that you can only change the mode when you have the GoPro Hero 4 Session connection with your smartphone via the GoPro app.

On the side you have a small “door” which holds a USB port and a microSD card slot inside. It  supports microSD cards with max. 64GB.

The biggest new feature is that the camera is waterproof right out of the box. It doesent need an extra case, what is more comfortable.

Performance and Quality

The GoPro Hero 4 Session has a lot of options to choose when it comes to the videoquality. Like everywhere the higher the resolution is the less fps can you use.
You can film in 1440p with 30fps, this is the highes resolution.
When you choose the lowest you can film with 120fps. I personally recommend to shoot at 1080p at 60 fps or if you want some extra fps for slowmotion you can shoot at 720p with 100fps.
The GoPro Hero 4 Session has no ability to shoot at 4K which is less then the bigger brother.

It has 8 megapixe that will give your content a nice look.
The problem is, that the GoPro HERO Session GoPro Hero 4 Session has no image stabilization, what makes your video a bit shake.
You can see that in my GoPro Hero 4 Session test video.

Another nice thing is that you can activate the time-lapse mode by holding the shutter for a few seconds.

Pros and Cons

Pro: The camera is compact and simple to use. Also it has the always on operation and gives you a nice quality. And las but not least it is waterproof right out of the box.

Con: It is too expensive compared to the older brothers. And with the missing display, there is no live preview for your recording.


Picture Backups – How you never lose your photos again

Did you ever had this time, when you had very good pictures on your PC, but in the next moment you got a bluescreen and lost all your picutres? Then learn how to master picture backups.
After this article you will master this topic.

External Hard Drive

Maybe the most known method to save your Data outside of your computer and your camera.

There is a bunch of pretty cool hardware you can use for this.
I would recommend to buy an external Hard Drive that is able to use USB 3.0 like the Seagate Expansion Portable 1TB.
That gives you the extra speed you need to get your high quality images on your hard drive.
USB 3.0 offers you something between 200 and 300 MByte/s


If you using for example your IPhone create your pictures, you maybe know the icloud.
That is a service that offers you to upload your Images to a external Server, where you can save a great amount of pictures.

But there are some problems with that topic.
Most of these services are not that cheap. It is possible that you pay per GB which can lead to high costs if you have a lot of content.
Also the transfer speed is limited to the internet connection that your device offers you.


Maybe some of you knwo this one.
A NAS is similar to a cloud, but it is your own system in your network.
You can decide how much disk space you need and what is really important, you can decide the availability and the security of your content.
There are ways to clone your Disk instant what is awesome, because the chance that you lose your stuff is way smaller than with just one disk where everything is safed.

You can grant access your system from nearly everywhere, if you want so.

But the negative side is, that it is very expensive. In the beginner section with 3tb of storage (therefor you need to buy 2x 3tb HDDs) you pay around 300€
A nice mid-class NAS is the Synology DS216j 4TB
There are cheaper options, but they have some disadvantages.


If you have more questions: type it in the comment section!

DSLR vs Mirrorless Cameras – What you need to know!

When you want to get more interested in photography, like I do now, you will face at some point the question DSLR vs Mirrorless Cameras?
You are able to create awesome photos with both, but they have their on pros and cons.


Size (inlcuding weight)

Caused by their architecture the DSLR camera bodies are way bigger. That is because they need to fit a mirror and a prism. With the size comes the weight, so the DSLR ist also heavier than a mirrorless.
Because a mirrorless has a different architecture which leads to a smaller body and a lower weight.
For a traveler the mirrorless is here definetly the better choise.


If you choose a DSLR you have a massive range in this point. Especially when you take a look on Canon or Nikon.
While only Sony and Pentax are not far behind the big DSLR stars, the most mirrorless have a lower range in this category.
But you are able to use for example the Sony A6300 (mirrorless) with an adapter that allows you to use Canon Lenses.
This is a draw for the DSLR vs mirrorless cameras.

Photography Quality

First you must know, that both type can take awesome high quality pictures that blow your mind. Depending on your budged you get very similar resolution and nois, when you shoot at a high ISO level.
Since the manufacturers for mirrorless cameras figured out how to solve the light caputer problem, both cameras can get the same Quality.

Shutter Speed

Depending on the model you can get a fast shutter speed with both camera types.
But usually, except for the high priced DSLR, the mirrorless cameras can get slightly more frames per second. in the middle class section a mirrorless is mostly able to shoot 1 frame more per second than a similar DSLR.
So maybe for sport events the mirrorless is the slightly better choice.

Video Quality

Normally mirrorless cameras are usually better suited for videography, because of their special sensors. Most of the DSLRs are not able to shoot with more than 60fps and most of the times, except for the hight end products, not even in 4k.
While a mirrorless camera like the Sony A6300 offers 4k or 1080p with 120fps.
That is a hughe adventage if you are in videography, especially when you want to use slowmotion shots in your video.
Also their accurate autofocus is a big advantage in this topic.

Battery life

This is an easy point for the DSLRs. While you are able to shoot 600-800 pictures as an avarage with a standard DSLR, a mirrorless battery is much weaker and can take 300-400 shots.


This depends on your budged. If you have a low budged you want to search for a DSLR that fit your standards. Because the cheaper DSLRs offer you more than cheaper mirrorless cameras.
If you are free with your budged it depents on what you want to do.
In mid-class and high-class the price isnt that different.


I hope i could clear some points.
If there are any questions about that theme feel free to ask them in the comment section.

How to improve your photography skills

You saw all those amaizing shots on instagram, flickr and all the other social media platforms?
Then i got 4 tips how you can improve you photography instantly!

The light

This is probably the most important point ever.
When you want a shoot a friend of yours, check if you can get in good light.

Searching for the right lightspot you will improve your photos by 1000% at least.
Take some shots to the “golden hour” the soft light will give your photos a smoother look!

Know your Gear

To know how you improve your photography skill, you need to know your gear, so you can say way better, what you are able to shoot.
Think about this:
You are on an event and you have your camera with you.
But you have this awesome 50mm 1.4 lense and you want to shoot something that happens way to far from you.
You can shot this one, but you get a way different look if you choose a zoom lense.

Think about what you want to shot

Pretty simple right? Just take a few extra seconds before you take a picture.
By doing this you will get a way better feeling for what you want to shot and instantly know how to get the correct scene for what you want to show.

Yeah, you could just press the button and take hundreds of pictures and search for those 2 or 3 awesome shot.
But this wont make you to a good photographer. You want to learn how you shot what you want with what you have!


You see the same perspective over and over again. It will get boring, when you are at a beach and take exactly the same picture like thousands of people did.
Try something new. Make a step out of your comfort zone and try different angles.
You have a ton of perspective you can try!

For example if you want to shoot a flower or something that is really close to the ground.
Go on your knees. Shoot it from underneath. You will maybe feel uncomfortable and your clothes will get dirty, but you will see the result when you look at your picture.

The same goes for portraits. Try something new!


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