Street photography tips

Get comfortable with:

So the point of street photography is that you have to go somewhere, where people walk by.
I know many people who feeling akward, when they point the camera on people that they dont know.
Always keep in mind, that you dont want to be that creepy person that points a camera with
a 400mm lense on people.
If you want to shoot strangers then try to first speak with them. Do a bit of small talk, so you both feel comfortable when you take the shot.
Dont just rush in and take a suprise snap! That´s not hot it works!


What Gear do i need?

Basically this is pretty easy. You can use, what ever you want and what you have.
If you have a nice DSLR with an awesome 50mm lense, perfect. If not it is also good.
I take my pictures with my Nikon D3100. If you want to know how i think about this camera, check my post about: here!
You dont need much to get awesome pictures. You Smartphone would also work perfect.
I got some friends, that shoots amazing pictures with an IPhone, so also check that out!


If you searching for street photography, you will notice, that many pictures are in black and white.
And most times, they look amazing, because the black and white gives you a certan feeling.
But there are many situations, where the color rules your feeling.
So don´t be shy and try to catch those awesome colors, that you see, when you walk through a street full of lights, people, shops and anything else.
You will see, that your pictures look more happy, it gives them more depth.
If you are an instagramer, keep in mind, that it your profile should be “ruled” by a certain color look.
This will make you speacial.

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These are my 3 street photography tips, I hope that you can use them.
If you know any other tips, let me know in the comment section below.
Keep Creating!