You saw all those amaizing shots on instagram, flickr and all the other social media platforms?
Then i got 4 tips how you can improve you photography instantly!

The light

This is probably the most important point ever.
When you want a shoot a friend of yours, check if you can get in good light.

Searching for the right lightspot you will improve your photos by 1000% at least.
Take some shots to the “golden hour” the soft light will give your photos a smoother look!

Know your Gear

To know how you improve your photography skill, you need to know your gear, so you can say way better, what you are able to shoot.
Think about this:
You are on an event and you have your camera with you.
But you have this awesome 50mm 1.4 lense and you want to shoot something that happens way to far from you.
You can shot this one, but you get a way different look if you choose a zoom lense.

Think about what you want to shot

Pretty simple right? Just take a few extra seconds before you take a picture.
By doing this you will get a way better feeling for what you want to shot and instantly know how to get the correct scene for what you want to show.

Yeah, you could just press the button and take hundreds of pictures and search for those 2 or 3 awesome shot.
But this wont make you to a good photographer. You want to learn how you shot what you want with what you have!


You see the same perspective over and over again. It will get boring, when you are at a beach and take exactly the same picture like thousands of people did.
Try something new. Make a step out of your comfort zone and try different angles.
You have a ton of perspective you can try!

For example if you want to shoot a flower or something that is really close to the ground.
Go on your knees. Shoot it from underneath. You will maybe feel uncomfortable and your clothes will get dirty, but you will see the result when you look at your picture.

The same goes for portraits. Try something new!