Canon EOS M10 Overview

So today i wanted to tell you some things about the Canon EOS M10!

The  Canon EOS M10 is a mirrorless camera just like the sony alpha, but it is probably the BESt low budget mirrorless camera on the market.
Let me explain that to you guys!

Technical stuff:

  • 17.9 Megapixel
  • 5.184 x 3.456 pixel
  • XMOS Sensor, 22, 3×14,9mm
  • 4,6 frmes per Sekond
  • video: 1920 x 1080 pixel with 30fps
  • video 720p with 60fps


The  Canon EOS M10 is a low weight camera mostly out of plastic.
On the top you find a trigger for both foto and video!

Also there is a dial for the apeture.

The M10 has an 3″ LCD display which is aple to rotate for 180° so you have the ability to catch some great selfies!
You can use all lenses with anf EF-M bayonet such like the included in the kit set.

The camera shoots 4,6 frames per second in JPEG which is even more that the M3 (4,3 frames per second)

Touch Panel

Yes you are right! The  Canon EOS M10 has a integratet touch panel, what allows you to set the focus manually!

Also it gives you the ability to change various settings like the apeture through the display!

The menu is nothing new campared to other canon cameras.

You are also able to take a picutre with the touch panel right after you set the focus right! That is incredibly insane!


The canon M10 goes some step backwards when you look on the megapixel of the camera (The m3 was already at 24mp)

The picture quality ist still awesome, when the light is good…

When you photograph at higher ISO you get some grain in your pictures. but this appears after 1.600 ISO…

Also there are just a few lenses for this camera and canon needs to work on that!
But you are able to use an adapter in case you want to use other canon lenses.

The  Canon EOS M10 is a low budget and low wight beginner camera.
That is what the camera is working perfect for!

So if you start and search for a low budget camera for around 300€ and you dont need a viewfinder than this camera is perfect for
This was my canon eos m10 overview!

I hope you enjoyed it and come back next time!

See you guys soon!


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