You always wanted to know how it feels when hundreds of people like your pictures?
Then here are 5 important tips for Instagram, that lead instantly to more followers.
If you follow these steps you can generate a good amount of active people following your content!

be consistent 

To be consistent is the most importent thing you need to be if you want more people see your content.
By posting a good amount of pictures in a good sortet timetable, more poeple will come to your profile.
But i dont mean like spam your followers feed with 20 pictures a day!
You will instantly recognise that more people will follow your account and like your pictures.

be active 

Beeing consistent is one thing of beeing active, but it you need to interact with other people.
When you like and comment pictures of other people they will get attention for your content!
Because some people will check those out who interact with their content.

dont upload your pictures directly

You know this feeling, when you are on a trip and take a bunch of pictures you want to upload instantly?
Stop doing this. Instead upload just a few of your pictures.
So when there is a day, when you should post a picture, but you have nothing done on this day?
Then you always have some shots in you back to upload them instead of a brand new one.
If you want here is the time to use the #throughback hashtag.

adjust your brightness before you use filters 

Maybe you think, why should i adjust the brightness before i use a filter?
This is way easier than you think.
Just by adjusting the brightness before you can get the maximum out of the filter you using.
Try it and you will see, that you pictures instantly looking better.

focusing on a specific theme 

So this is an easy one.
Check out some big instagramers and you will notice that the most of them create their content on a specific theme.
With this tipp you will get active followers with the same intrest, that you have.
That leads in a more active followership and make the interaction with your followers much easier.

If you use these tips for instagram you can get a good base amount of followers in a short time.
When you know more tips, let me know in the comment section below!
In the end: “keep creating!”