Night Photography tips


I think the most important Gear is the Tripod. Because you shoot with long exposure time, as we can see a few steps later.
As you know i´m a big fan of tripods! Because they help you so much to get a steady great shot.
Perfect for long exposure, because it is steady and gives you the opportunity to get any angle you think is perfect for your picture.


Do I really need to explain this?
Raw gives you great flexibility when it comes to edit the picture. It will be so much easier to change the temperature or the exposure to darken or brighten your image!

Long exposure:

There we go:
When it is dark and I mean dark like completly full black. You need to choose a long exposure. Your camera will catch even the smallest light and your picture will get brighter and sharper!
You get great images without crazy post process. You colours will get so much smoother.
Compare a shot with short and long exposure and you will see the crazy difference!
Also by using long exposure you can take your picture with lower ISO what reduce the grain in your picture.

Know the Area:

Except from the danger from an unknown dark area, you want to know what you are shooting.
In dark situations you dont have the abbility to see what will be in your picture and how it look like when you shoot it.

I recommend to check the area through the golden hour, you know we love it, to get the beauty of your spot.


These were my 4 night photography tips that you should know before you take your awesome pictures!

Sorry for this short one this week.
I´m very busy at this moment. Next week I will write an awesome article! 100% guaranteed!

Also I would like to know if you are intrested in photo edit tutorials.
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