Did you ever had this time, when you had very good pictures on your PC, but in the next moment you got a bluescreen and lost all your picutres? Then learn how to master picture backups.
After this article you will master this topic.

External Hard Drive

Maybe the most known method to save your Data outside of your computer and your camera.

There is a bunch of pretty cool hardware you can use for this.
I would recommend to buy an external Hard Drive that is able to use USB 3.0 like the Seagate Expansion Portable 1TB.
That gives you the extra speed you need to get your high quality images on your hard drive.
USB 3.0 offers you something between 200 and 300 MByte/s


If you using for example your IPhone create your pictures, you maybe know the icloud.
That is a service that offers you to upload your Images to a external Server, where you can save a great amount of pictures.

But there are some problems with that topic.
Most of these services are not that cheap. It is possible that you pay per GB which can lead to high costs if you have a lot of content.
Also the transfer speed is limited to the internet connection that your device offers you.


Maybe some of you knwo this one.
A NAS is similar to a cloud, but it is your own system in your network.
You can decide how much disk space you need and what is really important, you can decide the availability and the security of your content.
There are ways to clone your Disk instant what is awesome, because the chance that you lose your stuff is way smaller than with just one disk where everything is safed.

You can grant access your system from nearly everywhere, if you want so.

But the negative side is, that it is very expensive. In the beginner section with 3tb of storage (therefor you need to buy 2x 3tb HDDs) you pay around 300€
A nice mid-class NAS is the Synology DS216j 4TB
There are cheaper options, but they have some disadvantages.


If you have more questions: type it in the comment section!