When you want to get more interested in photography, like I do now, you will face at some point the question DSLR vs Mirrorless Cameras?
You are able to create awesome photos with both, but they have their on pros and cons.


Size (inlcuding weight)

Caused by their architecture the DSLR camera bodies are way bigger. That is because they need to fit a mirror and a prism. With the size comes the weight, so the DSLR ist also heavier than a mirrorless.
Because a mirrorless has a different architecture which leads to a smaller body and a lower weight.
For a traveler the mirrorless is here definetly the better choise.


If you choose a DSLR you have a massive range in this point. Especially when you take a look on Canon or Nikon.
While only Sony and Pentax are not far behind the big DSLR stars, the most mirrorless have a lower range in this category.
But you are able to use for example the Sony A6300 (mirrorless) with an adapter that allows you to use Canon Lenses.
This is a draw for the DSLR vs mirrorless cameras.

Photography Quality

First you must know, that both type can take awesome high quality pictures that blow your mind. Depending on your budged you get very similar resolution and nois, when you shoot at a high ISO level.
Since the manufacturers for mirrorless cameras figured out how to solve the light caputer problem, both cameras can get the same Quality.

Shutter Speed

Depending on the model you can get a fast shutter speed with both camera types.
But usually, except for the high priced DSLR, the mirrorless cameras can get slightly more frames per second. in the middle class section a mirrorless is mostly able to shoot 1 frame more per second than a similar DSLR.
So maybe for sport events the mirrorless is the slightly better choice.

Video Quality

Normally mirrorless cameras are usually better suited for videography, because of their special sensors. Most of the DSLRs are not able to shoot with more than 60fps and most of the times, except for the hight end products, not even in 4k.
While a mirrorless camera like the Sony A6300 offers 4k or 1080p with 120fps.
That is a hughe adventage if you are in videography, especially when you want to use slowmotion shots in your video.
Also their accurate autofocus is a big advantage in this topic.

Battery life

This is an easy point for the DSLRs. While you are able to shoot 600-800 pictures as an avarage with a standard DSLR, a mirrorless battery is much weaker and can take 300-400 shots.


This depends on your budged. If you have a low budged you want to search for a DSLR that fit your standards. Because the cheaper DSLRs offer you more than cheaper mirrorless cameras.
If you are free with your budged it depents on what you want to do.
In mid-class and high-class the price isnt that different.


I hope i could clear some points.
If there are any questions about that theme feel free to ask them in the comment section.